You may have heard of the medical term 'THE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL'. Diabetes become well accustomed to this term when they enter hospital.
If not, you may have heard it at a medical check up or a health screening. It means the concentration of glucose in the blood. To be exact, it is the concentration of venous blood plasma.
When you are healthy, it changes its level, within a safe range. When you are hungry, it stays low, however it goes up after eting a meal.
When you suffer from diabetes, the level goes up higher and higher until it goes over a certain limit. If it goes over 200mg/dl, you would be considered a diabetic.

Well, why does the blood sugar level go up so high?.......

People who are not diabetics produce hormones in order to keep the blood sugar level down.
When the blood sugar level goes up, a hormone is secreted to prevent it from rising too far.

This hormone is called 'INSULIN' and it is produced in the pancreas.

When this hormone doesn't secrete properly, then a person has a diabetic condition.
This hormome does not work very well when a patient suffers from OBESITY. In other words, "too much weight can cause diabetes".
I guess diabetics who go to hospital are often required to lose weight. As for the diabetics with obesity, their pancreas tries to secrete insulin in order to bring the blood suger level down, but because of their obesity, the insulin is not secreted properly and the blood sugar level does not go down so easily.
In some mild cases of diabetes, some diabetics produce more insulin than normal people.
When the insulin in the blood is too much than is required, many problems will arise. About this condition I will tell you later, as the explanation will more complicated.
There is a type of diabetes when insulin is not made at all. This type is called 'Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus'. There are not so many patients of this type in Japan. So if we can solve the problem of obesity in those who suffer from diabetes, we can keep the blood sugar level down and their condition can remain stable.