It is said that in Japan there are about 6 million diabetics. The total population of Japan is 120 million. We can calculate that on avarage one in every 20 people has diabetes. Statistics show that of this people avove the age of forty, one in every ten is a diabetic. This is an amazing statistic.
Among those who suffer from diabetes, the number who are coming to hospitals for treatment is said to be about 1 million. The rest do not know they have the disease and even if they do know, they leave it.
What kind of disease is it?
Many people can get this disease. It is otten said, "If we leave diabetes, it can damage eyes and feet, etc, it can attack kidneys, etc.

Probably you have heard, "If we have diabetes, we will never recover", or "Food and exercise are important remedies for diabetes", or "So and so is an effective cure for this ill," and "If we eat so and so, the diabetes will be cured."

It seems that there is too much fragmentary knowledge(concerning diabetes, some is correct and some is difinitely wrong), and this produces confusion.

In the next ten issues I will make it my aim to explain diabetes in a simple form so anyone can understand.
From now I will describe the characteristics of diabetes, the remedies, the prevention of this disease, etc, in the simplest form possible.

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